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Troy Thomas,
Troy Thomas is an 26 year veteran of Ionia Department of Public Safety. Thomas obtained his education from Grand Rapids Junior College and initially served as a patrol officer for the department. He then obtained his fire fighter I status and began serving as a public safety officer. In 2000 he was promoted to a patrol sergeant then, lieutenant from 2009 to 2011, deputy director 2011 to 2012, interim director, and now director. 

Captain John Odette, Deputy Director

John Odette is a 23 year veteran of Ionia Department of Public Safety, having served as the agency’s detective sergeant August 2001 to March 2010, lieutenant and now deputy director. Odette obtained his education from Lansing Community College and Ferris State University. He began his career at Ionia Public Safety as a firefighter in 1991 and was soon hired as a full-time public safety officer. Odette has also received extensive training in fire investigation.

Sergeant Cory McDiarmid, Detective

Cory McDiarmid is an 15 year veteran of Ionia Department of Public Safety. McDiarmid earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice at Grand Valley State University. He was hired as a part time police officer in June of 2000. McDiarmid completed his firefighter I and II training in the fall of 2000 and was then hired as a full time public safety officer in August 2001. McDiarmid worked primarily on the night shift prior to being appointed detective in February of 2012.

Sergeant Kevin Heinlein

Kevin Heinlein is an 12 year veteran of the Ionia Department of Public Safety. Heinlein earned an Associates degree from Delta College in 2002 and has been firefighter I and II certified since 2000. Heinlein has primarily worked the night shift and has been a Field Training Officer since 2012. During his career at Public Safety, Heinlein has received several commendations including Officer of the Year, Lifesaving Award, and Meritorious Conduct Award. Heinlein is currently the night Sergeant.