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Mission, Vision & Values
ShieldMission Statement
The Ionia Department of Public Safety will provide the community with a safe and secure environment through
  • Enforcement of laws
  • Fire suppression
  • Emergency rescue
  • Education
  • Aid to those in need

The Department will provide these services to all residents, visitors, and businesses throughout our community.

Vision Statement
  • Provide police services to the community through an integrated “Community Policing” effort that increases personal contacts with youth, adults, and the elderly. Increase community involvement through foot patrol, community education and the Department Facebook page.
  • Continue to expand community education through our D.A.R.E. and other school programs along with programs for adults and the elderly.
  • Provide fire prevention education programs that will continue to lower the incident of fire within our community.
  • Provide fire suppression, medical, and rescue services to the community with trained staff, the newest technologies and equipment, and professionalism.
  • Coordinate specialized programs that enrich the community, such as: Halloween candy checks, parade and special event services, school crossing guards, vacation checks on homes, and participation in public recreation programs.
  • Provide public safety through a staff that is professional, well trained, and portrays a positive attitude and image to the community.
  • Keep up with technological advances and ever-changing techniques through the purchase of equipment, education and training of staff, and networking with peers.

Values Statements
  • Provide the safest environment at all times for the staff including not only day to day operations, but also in times of emergencies and unexpected events.
  • The department will cultivate a work environment that provides a positive and supportive environment that focuses on teamwork as well as the individual needs of each of the staff members.
  • The staff will greet the public in a courteous manner, with a positive attitude, and according to the professional policies of the department.
  • The staff will be provided with a means for personal educational development, professional skills development and advancement, including professional certification, ranks, and technological advancement.