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Emergency Management

The Office of Emergency Management
The Office of Emergency Management exists to serve our community. We do this by making sure our community is ready for disasters and by working with the Public Safety Department, EMS, and government bodies.

We maintain our Emergency Operations Center (EOC) as a central coordination point for planning and responding to major events. We also work to improve community relations and educate the public about hazards in our community.We work closely with the Michigan State Police Emergency Management Division, which is responsible for coordinating disaster planning and preparedness in the State of Michigan.

The City of Ionia Emergency Management is responsible for disaster preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation within the city. The department works with Ionia County, businesses, other public safety providers, the health care industry, and human services providers to develop and update appropriate plans for disasters and major emergencies. The department also provides educational programs to help the citizens of Ionia deal with disasters.