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City Ordinances
Available Online

The City’s Charter and Code of Ordinances are available and presented here for your review courtesy of American Legal Publishing, which is the company that codifies the city’s ordinances. 

Ordinances Adopted but not yet Codified

Ordinance No. 533: Adopted by the City Council at its June 6, 2017 meeting Ordinance No. 533 adjusts utility rates to support the FY17-18 Water Fund and Sanitary Sewer Fund budgets with the new rates effective with the July 1, 2017 utility bill. 

Ordinance No. 534:  Adopted by the City Council at its July 11, 2017 meeting, Ordinance No. 534 codifies ordinances adopted by the City Council since January 1, 2016.

Ordinance No. 535:  Adopted by the City Council at its August 1, 2017 meeting, Ordinance No. 535 amends the City's official zoning map and rezones to B-3 General Business District 703 West Lincoln Avenue; 471 North State Street; 475 North State Street. 

Ordinance No. 536: Adopted by the City Council at its October 3, 2017 meeting, Ordinance No. 536 repeals Chapter 866 of the City Code entitled Taxicabs.

City Charter - Resolution:  Adopted by the City Council at its November 7, 2017, the Resolution addresses a change in the date for filing petitions for City offices when seeking office without party affiliation.