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Ballot Marking Instructions
How to mark your ballot

:  Completely darken the oval opposite each choice. 
IMPORTANT:  To mark your ballot, use only a black or blue ink pen.  DO NOT USE ANY OTHER INK COLOR!

PARTISAN SECTION:  To vote the partisan section of the ballot, you may cast a "straight ticket," a "split ticket," or a "mixed ticket."
  • Straight Ticket: Vote the party of your choice.  Nothing further need be done in the partisan section.
  • Split Ticket:  You may vote a straight ticket AND vote for individual candidates of your choice.
  • Mixed Ticket:  Vote for the individual candidates of your choice in each office.

NONPARTISAN and PROPOSAL SECTIONS of the ballot (if any) must be voted separately.

vote for more candidates than indicated under each office title.

WRITE-IN CANDIDATES: To vote for a candidate whose name is not printed on the ballot, write or place the name of that candidate in the blank space provided and completely darken the oval.  Do not cast a write-in vote for a candidate whose name is already printed on the ballot for that office.

CHECK BOTH SIDES OF BALLOT:  This ballot has two sides.  Be certain to check the reverse side of the ballot.

WHEN YOU HAVE COMPLETED VOTING:  Place the ballot in the secrecy sleeve so that votes cannot be seen and the numbered stub is visible. Return the ballot to the election official stationed at the tabulator.  (If voting by absentee ballot, follow the instructions provided by the clerk for returning the ballot.)

NOTE:  If you make a mistake, return your ballot to the election official and obtain a new ballot.  Do not attempt to erase or correct any marks made in error.

*These instructions herein; are courtesy of MER Michigan Election Resources - Form No. 102

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