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Fire Services

Fire Services                                                                                               219 W Lincoln Fire.jpg
Each officer carries his fire gear in his patrol unit and in the
event there is a fire, the officer will then respond in the role of
a firefighter. Our officers respond to fire related events such as:

  • Structure Fires
  • Vehicle Fires
  • Grass Fires
  • Vehicle Accidents

On-Call Firefighters
In addition to our full-time Public Safety Officers, our agency also
employs several paid on-call firefighters who are fire-trained only.
These individuals serve a very important part of our organization.

Medical Services
All of our officers and firefighters are trained as medical first responders.
The agency's fire jusisdiction includes the City of Ionia, Easton Township,
and Ionia Township. However, the agency's police jurisdiction is limited to
the City of Ionia.