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Sign Regulations
Prior to making any changes to existing advertising signs or erecting new signs, property owners are encouraged to consult city staff first to make sure that what they desire to do complies with the new standards.

Regulations and Applications
  • Sign Regulations {Chapter 1234 Signs} is located in the American Legal Publishing Corporation Codified Ordinances of Ionia, Michigan. (Follow steps 1-6 to view the sign regulations below: *Copy/Paste steps 1-6 to note pad, or to a word document for easy reference)
    1. Click on the hyperlink:  "American Legal Publishing Corporation Codified Ordinances of Ionia, Michigan
    2. The "Codified Ordinances of Ionia, Michigan" screen appears
    3. On the left side navigation panel; scroll down to PART TWELVE - Planning and Zoning Code and select TITLE FOUR - Subdivision Regulations
    4. Click on CHAPTER 1234 Signs
    5. Select any topic shown by clicking on any of the numbers listed in blue.
    6. Use the back arrow to return to the blue numbered lists to view other topics of CHAPTER 1234 Signs.       
  • Portable signs - a permit is required. Fill out the portable signs permit application form and submit online.
  • Permanent signs - a permit is required. Fill out the permanent sign permit application and print to submit.
  • Sign Board of Appeals - The Sign ordinance provides that a party who feels that he or she has been aggrieved by the standards contained in the sign ordinance to file an appeal with the City's Sign Board of Appeals. Fill out the sign Board of Appeals application to download a printable form.

Sign Ordinance Fee Schedule

Type of Sign
Application Fee
Portable sign
No charge
Awning / marque sign
Wall sign
Ground sign
Pole sign (free-standing)
Board of Appeals sign

In some cases a building or electrical permit is required for the installation of the sign. Any fees associated with these type of permits is in addition to the sign permit application fee.