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Compost Site Apple Tree Drive
Yard Debris & Small Branches
What to do with yard debris and small tree branches: If you have small branches (8 inches in diameter and less than 4 feet in length) and yard debris (weeds, leaves, dead vegetation) you may take it yourself to the compost site located at the end of Apple Tree Drive.
  • City of Ionia compost site area map - Directions to Compost Site
  • Follow the signs at the end of Apple Tree Drive to the city compost site.
  • There is no entrance fee.
  • Authorized vehicles only signs are posted. These signs are in place to notify non-city personnel that the City of Ionia Wellfield Property is protected and maintained by the City of Ionia personnel.
  • The City of Ionia Wellfield property is under camera surveillance at all times.
  • You may enter onto said property to go to the compost site to disperse of your yard debris and small branches.

Helpful Information
Visit the City of Ionia FAQ's for answers in regards to certain yard debris and maintenance of property questions. For even more information, view the City of Ionia Ordinances-American Legal Publishing. There you can search through the City Ordinances (such as general offences) to view property maintenance of yard debris such as; weeds, tall grass, trees, tree branches / twigs, and the likes thereof. Note: Use the search box on the American Legal Publishing page.