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Forms for City Income Tax Filing
Adobe Reader Free Download
The City of Ionia Income Tax Forms are in a PDF format. Therefore, you will need the Adobe Reader to view them. If you do not already have the Adobe Reader, you may download it for free.

Individual Tax Forms
Resident and Nonresident forms are the same. Questions can be emailed.

I-1040 City Income Tax Return
  • 2015 (19 pages, forms, instructions and schedules)            
  • 2015 (4 pages, Form Only)                                                   

For prior years, use the above and cross off the year and write the year of the return you are filing at the top.            For amended returns, mark AMENDED in red at the top of the form.

I-1040ES Declaration of Estimated Income Tax

Instructions for Form I-1040ES    

  • 2016 (4 pages, estimated tax forms - if paying by check)    
  • 2016 (4 pages, estimated tax forms - if paying by EFT)

I-2210 Underpayment of Estimated Tax
  • 2015 Instructions for Form I-2210
  • 2015 (3 pages, underpayment of estimated tax by individuals)

Non-Obligated Spouse

Extension Tax Form  

  • Extension Form (Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File a City of Ionia Income Tax Return. This is an Online fillable form that you can fill out on the computer and then print off and sign and mail or drop off at City Hall)

Partnership Tax Return

I-1065ES Partnership Declaration of Estimated Income Tax      
  • 2016 (4 pages, estimated tax forms)

Fiduciary Tax Return

  • Form I-1041 All years (Fiduciary form. Relating to the relationship between a trustee and the person or body for whom the trustee acts)

Corporation Tax Return

I-1120ES Corporate Declaration of Estimated Income Tax

  • 2016 (4 pages, estimated tax forms)

Employer & Withholding Forms

Power of Attorney

  • Form I-1040POA Instructions Only (Instructions for Power of Attorney Authorization form)         
Additional Tax Information   


The following maps may take a moment to load depending on your Internet speed. Thank you for your patience.

  • Ionia City Streets Guide (a guide to City streets within City limits, and of Apartments, Prisons, and Other Business areas that are affected by City Income Tax guidelines)      

  • Ionia City Limits Map (once this map loads, right click on your mouse and select Marque Zoom, a magnifying glass icon will appear that you can use to click onto the map to increase the size for easier viewing of the City streets)