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View Property Tax Billing and Assessing, Utility Billing and Miscellaneous Receivables

The City of Ionia internet services has contracted with BS&A Software company to provide information for you via AccessMyGov website, in regards to the following selections:

Miscellaneous Receivables has been added to provide Title companies a place to search for delinquent bills such as; mowing, snow removal, etc., AND, for City Retirees to be able to look up their accounts.

Note: Information here is only for current active accounts and does not necessarily reflect the total amount due for a particular parcel. Any unpaid balances on previous accounts are not reflected. Please submit the following form  for water / sewer and code enforcement amounts outstanding that would be added to property taxes if unpaid. You can print the form, fill it out, and email or fax to 616-527-0810.

Friendly Reminder: Once you have viewed the information that BS&A Software supplies via the AccessMyGov website for the City of Ionia, just exit out of the program and it will bring you back to this page on the City of Ionia website where you may continue your navigation. Thank you.