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Request a Final Water Bill
Final Water Bill Requests
Are you moving, purchasing, selling, or renting? City of Ionia residents and business owners that are moving, purchasing, selling, or renting should request a final water bill to ensure that the right party is paying for the water service up to the agreed upon date of occupancy.

Who Can Request
Only the seller or seller's agent may request the final bill. New owner or tenant information will not be recorded until a final read has been requested by the seller.

Depending if there is a refundable deposit in place, the final water meter read will be billed and deducted from the refundable deposit, with a refund check mailed to the customer, or if their is a balance due to the city, a bill will be sent to the customer.

Final bills are processed monthly through the accounting department. Account payables are prepared and mailed out on bi-weekly Friday's from City Hall.

Final Read Form
To request a final utiltity bill, click on the Final Read Form and fill it out and submit it accordingly. Thank you. If you have any questions, please contact the city at 616-527-4170 and we will be glad to assist you.