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Reporting a Problem
  • Is your meter leaking? Please check your meter first. You can do this by viewing the Check your meter instructions check list before calling City Hall or the Department of Public Utilities.
  • No water / low water pressure? If you are experiencing problems such as no water or low water pressure call the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) at 616-527-0370, ext. 101 and leave a message. DPU personnel check their messages twice a day at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Note: The problem may be caused by city wide flushing of the water hydrants in your area which is performed in the spring and fall. If this is the case, once the hydrant(s) are flushed, water volume and pressure usually return to normal.
  • Do you have rusty water? During hydrant flushing, the use of a fire hydrant in your area, or in the case of a water main break, "rusty" water may appear due to the breakdown of sediments in the city water mains. If you are experiencing rusty water, please call City Hall at 616-527-4170, ext. 210 to report it. You should refrain from washing clothes (especially whites) until clear water returns.
  • Do you have a severe water problem? If you are experiencing a severe problem call City Hall at 616-527-4170, ext. 210. If it is after-hours, call central dispatch at 616-527-0400, and they will page the appropriate personnel.

Ordinance Information
For utility ordinance information, view Chapter 1040 Water Generally, type the word utilities into the search box, and then select #4: title four - utilities.

Utility Billing Questions
If you have a question about your utility bill, please call 616-527-4170, ext. 210.