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New Home Construction and Existing Home Addition Zoning Permit Application

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Instructions: Type in the boxes provided 1-11. Print and Mail or Drop off the Signed completed form to City Hall, 114 N. Kidd Street, Ionia, MI. 48846 M-F, 8:00am-4:00pm.

Step 1) A building permit from Ionia County is required to construct a new home or an addition to an existing home. The County will not issue a building permit until this zoning permit has been approved.

Step 2) The applicant shall submit a site plan showing the property dimensions, proposed location of the new home or location of the existing home to be enlarged and any other existing buildings on the site, including setbacks from the property lines and existing structures as detailed under #10 below.

In order for your application to be complete you must attach the following:
Step 3) New Home Construction: What are the dimensions and square footage of the new home you propose to construct?

Step 4) Have you made application for water and sanitary sewer services? Yes( ) No( )

Step 5) Existing Home Addition Construction: What are the dimensions and square footage of the addition you propose to construct?

Step 6) For either a new home construction or the construction of an addition, please attach a SITE PLAN drawn on an "8 1/2 x 11" sheet of paper showing the proposed location of the new construction or additions to existing structure in relationship to your property lines. Please indicate street frontage and show the location of ALL buildings, structures, adjacent streets, easements, streams, wetlands, electric and gas lines, etc.

Step 7) Property Owners Signature_________________________________________

* indicates required fields.