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Application for Rental Registration

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Application For Rental Registration
This form needs to be resubmitted whenever the owner and/or agent information changes. All owners should verify with the City Assessor that the owner address is up to date by calling (616) 527-4170 ext. 5146. BY SIGNING THIS FORM BOTH OWNER/AGENT ACKNOWLEDGE THEY HAVE READ THE CITY "RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY ORDINANCE".
Fees: up to 3 units $25.00 each; 4 or more in same building $15.00 each
1. Property Information
3. Agent Information
The following person has been designated as agent pursuant to 858.02A5 of the Ionia City Code, and understands that, as local agent, they are responsible for ensuring compliance with the City of Ionia Housing Code on behalf of the owner.
Upon completion of this form, select the submit or submit and print button below and it will automatically be sent to the City of Ionia.

For questions contact Brian Vos at (616) 523-0157 or email:

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