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1. Where do I get a dog license?
2. Where do I pay a Parking Ticket?
3. Where do I get a Building permit?
4. When is a Building Permit required?
5. Where do I get an absentee voter's ballot?
6. Where is the Chamber of Commerce located?
7. My garbage container is broken, who can I contact?
8. Are vehicles allowed to be parked in the front yard?
9. I have a concern, is there a form I can fill out online?
10. Where do I get my birth certificate or marriage license?
11. Can I have an inoperable vehicle parked on my property?
12. What are the rules in placing garage sale signs in the City?
13. What can I do about rusty water making my clothes yellow?
14. Am I allowed to have/build a storage shed on my property?
15. What can I do with grass clippings, leaves and small brush?
16. What is the phone number for the Ionia County Courthouse?
17. When is Odd/Even parking enforced and where should I park?
18. I have a water problem and/or a utility bill question. Who do I contact?
19. Can I pay my Property Taxes, Utility bill, City Income Tax by Credit Card?
20. What are the requirements for mowing grass in the City and how are they enforced?