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Can I contest my Assessed Value and Taxable Value?
Every property owner has the right to appeal their assessments. The opportunity, however, only comes once a year and if the opportunity is missed, there is not another opportunity for that year. Your assessment change notice will provide you with the dates and times for the March Board of Review. If you wish to contest your assessments, you must either appear or send your appeal to the March Board of Review. Protest at the March Board of Review is necessary to protect your right to further appeals to the Michigan Tax Tribunal for valuation and exemption appeals. In other words, the Michigan Tax Tribunal will not hear cases that have not first been before the local March Board of Review.

It is important to note that the values set by the assessor are presumed correct. A property owner wishing to appeal the assessment must be prepared to present physical evidence as to why the values should be changed. An example of such evidence would be sales of similar homes that indicate a lower value than the one set by the assessor.


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