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Welcome to Downtown Ionia Business District
Welcome to Ionia Downtown Business District
Welcome To Downtown Ionia Business District
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Ward City Caucus/City Convention
City Ward Caucuses will be held on Read on...
ISD Election - August 8, 2017
County-wide special election on August 8, 2017 Read on...
City Council - Public Hearing
The City Council will conduct a Public Hearing Read on...
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          Is your tree thirsty
Young trees require sufficient water until their roots are able to tap available groundwater.

Make every effort to water existing trees during periods of drought and high temperatures.

Water deeply and slowly. Let your garden hose trickle at the base of the tree trunk for about an hour each morning and evening.

The City of Ionia thanks you for helping to keep the trees on the berm in front of your residence watered. 

Additional Tips: Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Remain indoors from 10am-3pm with Air Conditioning if at all possible to avoid intense sun rays and heat. Keep outside water bowls and bird baths filled for pets and wildlife.